Higher Education Institutions

Unitas is already working with a number of HEIs to embed Youth Justice Professional Framework (YJPF) qualifications, in particular the Youth Justice Effective Practice Certificate (YJEPC) within their existing Criminology and Social Work programmes of study at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

There are a number of benefits for both students and staff in doing this.

  • For students it significantly enhances their employability as they achieve an accredited award that is widely recognised by Youth Justice employers alongside their degree or postgraduate qualification.  They also get access to high quality digital learning resources and key text books relating to youth justice.
  • For staff it provides a robust youth justice component to their degree courses with supporting resources for use in face to face sessions and for the promotion of self-directed learning.

Staff and students receive high quality resources that are fully grounded in day to day youth justice practice, including video case studies.  These resources draw on the latest technologies in digital learning, available online and as downloadable apps to Smartphones and Tablet devices.

We do not provide a one size fits all solution for HEIs as every institution is different and has different priorities.  If you would like to talk to us further about how we might be able to help your establishment enhance its youth justice offer, please email Martin Stephenson or contact by telephone 07720 149075.

It's has been an excellent way to increase my knowledge and skills in the current arena of integrated services.