The Youth Justice Foundation Degree FAQs

How long does the course take to complete? 

It takes two years and two months. If you hold the YJEPC or PCEP it will take 18 months 

Who is it suitable for? 

It is open to all – no prior learning or qualifications are required. As a distance learning course, it has a step-by-step approach which can be helpful to students who have not studied for several years. 

What happens if I have YJEPC? 

As a holder of YJEPC you will be credited with having one quarter of the foundation degree as it comprises Module 3 within the course. 

What happens if I have PCEP? 

As a holder of the PCEP you will also be eligible for one quarter of the foundation degree if you undertake an additional Desistance learning block, which is a short, online, fully tutored course and can be taken at any time during your foundation degree. 

Who awards the degree? 

The degree will be awarded by the University of Suffolk, and you will become a fully registered student of the university with the added benefits of a student card and full access to their library.

The Foundation Degree is endorsed by the Youth Justice Board.


For students completing the foundation degree there will be options to progress to BA degrees and ultimately an MA programme.