How it works

Boost chances of academic success

TextNow® motivates reluctant readers and enhances their chances of academic success. The programme provides structured, one-to-one reading sessions for 20 minutes, five times a week, for ten weeks. Sessions are delivered by the young people’s carers who act as reading coaches to stimulate the young person’s enjoyment of reading.

The experience of reading together not only increases the young person’s reading skills and their enjoyment of reading, but these regular one-to-one sessions can also strengthen the relationship between the young person and their carer.
Reading coaches

TextNow® reading coaches simply have to be enthusiastic about reading and make the time to read with the young person for just 20 minutes a day, five days a week, for 10 weeks. As part of the programme, all coaches receive training from a Unitas specialist on how to carry out their roles. Coaches can be:

  • foster carers
  • staff in children’s homes
  • older siblings
  • volunteers

Coaches do not need teaching experience but key qualities include: reliability; enthusiasm for reading; patience; a non-judgemental attitude; an adequate level of literacy; and an understanding of, and agreement with, the ethos of the programme.

NEW Digital app-based resource for Reading Coaches

In addition to face to face training we now offer additional training for TextNow Coaches in app format. This can be downloaded onto a tablet or smart phone and be completed on the go. There are lots of new features including audio and video presentations, self check points to ensure that both coaches and young people get the most from the reading programme. Completion of this training will be certified by Unitas.

Reading incentive scheme

The TextNow® programme includes an exciting awards scheme to incentivise reading. Every young person earns "rewards" for every 20-minute reading session they complete and can use them to order books, magazines, newspaper and poetry from Amazon through the MyChoice! scheme.

The young person has engaged in ten weeks of TextNow and this has not only contributed to her improved reading skills but also to improved confidence across a wide range of subject areas at school.
What's included?

Unitas provides a participating virtual school with:

  • A proven programme model
  • A session for foster carers which introduces them to their role as a reading coach
  • Access to comprehensive online resources to guide foster carers before and during the programme
  • Information, advice and guidance from the TextNow team throughout the programme
  • MyChoice! credits to the value of £25.00 for every participating young person
  • An interactive, engaging reward scheme to earn another £25.00 worth of MyChoice credits
  • Access to two exciting reading apps - Poetry in Motion and MyText
  • A performance report showing the progress made by young people and how their attitudes to reading have changed
What's required

To run a successful TextNow programme, the virtual school simply needs to:

  • Identify appropriate young people and their reading coaches
  • Agree co-ordination arrangements for the TextNow programme

Get started

If you would like to find out more or join the TextNow programme, contact our team today.