Foundation Degree in Youth Justice

Professionalising the youth justice workforce is critical to improving outcomes for young people. The youth justice professional framework (YJPF) provides exciting, flexible opportunities for all staff working in youth justice both in the community and in secure to develop their professional skills and knowledge progressively through to postgraduate level. It enables youth offending services and secure establishments to create a career development framework for all their staff. The qualifications within the framework are all founded on the principle of open learning and are available to all people irrespective of educational experience. The distance learning delivery model enables staff to both work and learn in achieving their qualifications.

YJ Professional Framework 2018
I would now like to complete the Foundation Degree as I feel I have found the career that I am passionate about and I would embrace the opportunity to be able to gain further qualifications so that I may be able to progress further. I am interested in helping young people to start making positive changes to their lifestyles. - Youth Justice Practitioner

Course Structure

The Foundation Degree in Youth Justice is made up of four modules.

Exploring Youth Justice (Module 1) and Effective Practice in Youth Justice (Module 3) provide the foundations of knowledge and theory that are required to practice effectively. They cover a range of topics central to practice in youth justice and are based on the best available evidence of what works.

YJPF module details

Module One – Exploring Youth Justice and Module Three – Effective Practice in Youth Justice

Module one and Module three provide the foundations of knowledge and theory. They cover topics central to youth justice and are rooted in the research evidence on effective practice. Each module contains six learning blocks that are studied sequentially over 30 weeks. As module three is the same as the YJEPC anyone who has completed this only has to undertake the three remaining modules. 

Module Two and Module Four - Developing Practice Skills 

Modules two and four focus on the application of the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for effective youth justice interventions. These topics represent each of the eight areas of the YJB’s Youth Justice Skills Matrix. Each module contains four learning blocks that are taken sequentially over 25 weeks. 

How is my learning assessed?

Your knowledge, understanding and practice skills will be assessed in a number of ways across each module of the FDYJ:

Module One Exploring Youth Justice – there are six short computer marked assignments and five submitted assignments of 875 to 1750 words each.

Module Two Developing Practice Skills 1 – there are four short computer marked assignments and four submitted reflective assignments of 1750 words each.

Module Three Effective Practice in Youth Justice – there are six short computer marked assignments and four submitted assignments of 2000 words each.

Module Four Developing Practice Skills 2 – there are four short computer marked assignments and four submitted reflective assignments of 2000 words each.

How is the course delivered?

The Foundation Degree is a distance learning course, and students are supplied with a comprehensive range of learning materials that are all that is needed to complete the course. Most of the learning on the course is undertaken via an innovative and engaging suite of digital resources which include interactive video resource case studies and learning and knowledge checks. These digital resources can be accessed either online on a PC or laptop or by being downloaded as a series of apps on to tablets and mobile phones and therefore do not require access to Wi-Fi once downloaded as well as being very portable and flexible. Students will also be supplied with hardcopy materials including textbooks and a range of stationery. 

'I found the Unitas app very good and easy to understand. The videos were very helpful' - FDYJ Student 2017

Sample Materials

What support do I get?

Students will be assigned a learning coach who is very experienced in youth justice as well as in supporting and assessing learners. They offer support by phone, email or Skype to provide students with advice and guidance as needed particularly around the preparation and completion of assignments. They will assess assignments and provide detailed feedback on each piece of work. 

'My tutor kept me sane and stopped me throwing in the towel on numerous occasions' - FDYJ Student 2017

Registration and Fees

The next cohort of the Foundation Degree starts in October 2019 with expressions of interest now being taken.

The cost is £4,000 + VAT. For holders of the YJEPC it is £3,250 + VAT. For holders of PCEP it is £3,500 + VAT.

For individual purchasers and some organisations, payment can be on a module by module basis and split over financial years. 

Student Sponsorship

If you or your organisation are sponsoring a student(s) please complete the online Sponsorship Agreement

More information

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‘The support I have received, the resources and the clear, well-organised structure of the course far exceed academic courses I have studied previously ’ - Youth Justice Practitioner