In Autumn 2012, the Youth Justice Effective Practice Certificate (YJEPC) was launched. This is a course for anyone who already works in the area of youth justice (community or secure) in a paid or voluntary capacity, or who may want to work in this field.

The YJEPC has been commissioned by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) and is endorsed by Skills for Justice Awards as an approved learning programme for youth justice professionals.

The YJEPC enables practitioners to consider what it means to work effectively with young people at risk of (re-)offending. The course is highly practice-focused. It introduces some key theoretical perspectives and principles relating to working effectively in youth justice, but the emphasis within the course is on applying these to practitioners’ daily work.

The YJEPC has been designed to give those with no previous experience of higher education an opportunity for professional development as a youth justice practitioner, through access to a course which not only enhances knowledge, but encourages practitioners to explore ideas and develop evidence-based practice.

Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a Skills for Justice Awards certificate.

October 2013: Students at Hampshire YOT being presented with their YJEPC certificates by Frances Done (see the press release)

Registrations are now being accepted for the next course starting in October 2016.